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Find out how Our 3 Steps to Minimizing can lead to a better life

In this modern age, it's so easy to become distracted by material objects. We each have a limited amount of time in the day that we can spend on ourselves, and it can be tempting to turn to shopping to get that little rush of happiness.
But this feeling quickly fades, and then we're left with clutter.

If you find yourself falling into this pattern, using the methods you find here can help you feel more free in your daily life and reap the benefits of a more minimalist approach. We will be moving throughout the house one room at a time to help accomplish this from the ground up. We're based in Boise, ID, but we help clients throughout the United States, as needed, throughout this process.
Take a look at our 3 Steps to Minimizing to get started!

We help you sift through the nonsense to find what truly matters

Don't get weighed down by possessions

Intent provides the services of a life coach and a personal stylist in one convenient package. We will:

Declutter your home

Help develop your personal style

Remove stressors in your life

Life is about so much more than material possessions.
Reach out today to learn how minimalist living can help you unlock a deeper level of happiness.

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Discover the many benefits of minimalist living

Minimalism isn't just about getting rid of clutter. It's about making room in your life for more important things. Living a minimalist lifestyle allows you to:

  • Save space by not storing unwanted objects
  • Save time on trips to the mall
  • Save yourself the stress of hunting through clutter

Not only do we teach you the principles of minimalism, but we'll also act as your own personal stylist to help you decide which objects serve you best. Call today at 503-927-4352 to learn more.