Create a Beautiful and Functional Environment

Create a Beautiful and Functional Environment

Declutter your home in Boise, ID

When you think of home staging, what comes to mind? Many people think of staging homes for sale, but we approach home staging a bit differently. At Intent, we believe your home is the stage on which you live your life. By designing it to best suit your needs, you'll not only declutter your home, but you'll also lead a more fulfilling life.

We help residents of Boise, ID embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you clean out your closet and improve your life.

Ask yourself the important questions

Home staging is the final step of our unique home organization process. When you reach this final hurdle, it helps to ask yourself a few important questions. These are:

  • What do you wear?
  • How can you simplify?
  • How many items do you have?
  • How many do you need?

When you declutter your home, you'll also declutter your mind. Reach out today to learn how we can help. We'll even help you establish boundaries so you can maintain the minimalist lifestyle.