Get to the Root of the Problem

Get to the Root of the Problem

Let us help you optimize your minimalist closet in Boise, ID

An effective closet cleanout may involve a lot more than just getting rid of clothes that don't fit you anymore. There could be underlying reasons for your behaviors that make it hard to let go of belongings. That's where one-on-one coaching comes in.
When you hire Intent to help design your minimalist closet in, we'll also offer one-on-on coaching services. Reach out today to learn more about our unique approach.

Find your freedom

If you're having trouble with your closet cleanout, it helps to explore your underlying reasons for clinging to possessions. A few possibilities to consider are:

  • You aren't traveling enough
  • You don't go out anymore
  • You miss spending time with family
  • You're craving new experiences
  • You find security in objects

Whatever your reasons, we'll help you create a minimalist closet that serves you well. Schedule an appointment today to get started.